While we do individual and family sessions, Dr. Ransom also specializes in marriage counseling. In your sessions with Dr. Ransom, you will receive total anonymity, excellent attention to the issues at hand and a dedication to helping you reach your goals in marriage.

Couples do not have to be in crisis to benefit from couples counseling. Dr. Ransom also provides “tune-ups” to help couples identify and build upon their strong points to further strengthen their relationships. Through counseling, couples can work on:

Preparing for marriage, Communication skills, Conflict resolution, Healthy ways of relating, Forgiveness, Processing anger, disappointment, betrayal, and loss
We seek to inspire hope by providing guidance to life’s situations.

Dr. Jennifer Ransom

At Grace For All Families Counseling, we count it a privilege to care for every person who comes through the doors. We do the work of counseling because every story matters- every life has value and worth.

We provide a caring and supportive place to share your story. We want to help people feel at ease so they can be comfortable to share their story. At Grace For All Families, we hope clients experience joy by living out their unique purpose.

Resting, even for a session and sharing your story with a professional counselor, can help bring clarity and understanding. The journey of counseling can be freeing. We learn to release our struggles and instead, breathe in truth, which allows healing from the inside out.


Please email or call us at (478) 320-0702 for counseling questions or to make an appointment. Dr. Jennifer Ransom is a faith-based counselor who works with families and individuals to cope with deals with issues that today's family faces. We can help you too.